F-Class Program for 2018

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F-Class Program for 2018

Postby Askari » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:02 pm

PCGC will commence its 2018 F-Class tournaments in April, with the first tournament on 28 April. F-Class tournaments in 2018 will continue to be hosted on the fourth Saturday of each month through October.

The PCGC F-Class tournaments are NRA approved and follow the 3/300 format (three consecutive 20 round matches). The competition begins at 0900 and the third and final match typically ends at about 1100. Competitors are encouraged to shoot all three of the matches in a tournament, but are welcome to limit their participation to one or two matches if desired. Scores are forwarded to the NRA unless the competitor indicates he or she will shoot "out of competition."

New for 2018 will be an NRA sanctioned Small Bore (22 LR) F-Class competition conducted on the same range and at the same time as the High Power competition. High Power competitors will be placed at the left end of the firing line opposite the 300 yard targets and will shoot the MR 63 target with F-Class centers. Small Bore competitors will be placed at the right end of the firing line opposite the 100 yard targets and will shoot the A 33 target.

High Power competitors are grouped in two subcategories: F-Class Open (FO) and F-Class Target Rifle (FTR). Competitors in either category are placed without distinction on the firing line and compete in exactly the same manner at the same time. The difference is in the type of equipment used, as follows:
1). FO can consist of any calibre .32 or less. Rifles can weigh up to 22 lbs. Rifles are rested on a front rest and a rear bag.
2). FTR is restricted to calibres .223/5.56 and .308/7.62. The rifle must be able to chamber a factory round. Rifles can weight up to 18 lbs and must be shot using either a bipod or sling and rear bag.

Small Bore competitors also are grouped in the same two subcategories (FO and FTR). However, ammunition is restricted to .22 LR. Rifles in both Small Bore subcategories are limited to 18 lbs weight. The only real difference is the front rest: Small Bore FO may use a separate front rest, Small Bore FTR must use a sling or bipod. Both must use a rear bag.

F-Class matches at PCGC consist of twenty shots for record and as many sighter shots as desired. A block time of twenty-five minutes is allocated per match to accommodate the record shots and sighters. (A separate Shoot-N-C target is placed on the target frame next to the record target to allow competitors to see their sighter shots.) After each match, competitors walk to the 300 yard line to score and repair targets in preparation for the next match in the tournament.

The NRA provides classifications to competitors that complete the mandated number of record shots. PCGC also provides awards to winning competitors in each tournament: first, second and third place competitors in each subcategory (both High Power and Small Bore) receive a PCGC medal recognising their achievements. These awards are for the highest aggregate scores. To be eligible, competitors must compete in the same subcategory for all three matches in the tournament.

The PCGC F-Class tournament has one relay. There are sufficient positions on the firing line for twenty High Power competitors and ten Small Bore competitors. By the end of 2017, PCGC F-Class tournaments typically had full firing lines. So any shooter desiring to compete in this tournament should contact the Match Director in advance (henkdan@hotmail.com) to ascertain availability of a position on the firing line. The Match Director will be happy to reserve a position if any still are available.

F-Class is a fun, low-stress match with a lot of camaraderie and a great opportunity to practice long-range shooting skills. Come join us!

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F-Class Match Director
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