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Postby Shelleyg » Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:43 pm

Pre-registration is required. Contact Shelley Gudger 864-567-2675 or email

This year we will be again shooting targets used by Ultimate Benchrest also known as U.B.R., each target consists of six bullseyes. A total of four targets will be shot by each shooter requiring 24 shots for score and unlimited sighters. Only two targets will be shot at a time, so you don’t have to worry about the barrel over heating. The value of the DOT is Eleven Points and each successive ring is one point less; Ten, Nine, Eight and so on for a maximum score of 264. The targets are designed to even the playing field between different calibers and are available in sizes .224, .243 and .308. You will shoot the appropriate target for your caliber. As always PCGC tries to accommodate any shooter wanting to compete and we will do our best to continue to do so, however we hope that you will find a class listed below that suits your equipment. We welcome those new to shooting and will be glad to assist you as best we can. We strive to have a fun, but most importantly a safe competition.
We have 30 benches, 10 designated to each yardage (100, 200, 300). For this reason, we will be designating classes to a specific yardage which will allow us to utilize the entire range during a match. Since shooting cannot start until noon on Sundays, we are limited to two relays. To reserve a spot on the line, email Shelley Gudger at with the class/classes you plan to participate, include the caliber and the weight of your gun/guns. Reserving a spot on the line by pre-registration is required.
All PCGC Safety Rules for the rifle range will be observed. Any shooter who does not follow the Safety rules will be disqualified. The rules will be announced at the safety meeting prior to each match. Please note that NO ONE will handle a firearm or be at the firing line until instructed. Firearms are to be made safe AT ALL TIMES with bolts or magazines out and safety indicators in place.
The only time a rifle may be loaded is when the range is hot and, on the command, “Commence Fire”.

1. You will be instructed when you may set your equipment on the bench.
2. Only one gun per shooter will be allowed in any class, but you may shoot in two classes.
3. Target scoring will be done in private by someone not competing in the class being scored.
4. Those scoring targets will not be interrupted by anyone at the match.
5. Shooters may protest scoring after the targets have been posted for viewing.
6. Target scores in dispute will be ruled upon by three designated referees.
7. Scoring is by best edge as determined by a scoring reticle.
8. Tie breaks will be done by Creedmore, first dropped point will break the tie.
9. Awards will be given to the top three of each class, if there are three shooters in a given class.
10. Cost is $20 per gun.
11. If there is any question as to what class a gun should fall in, the 3 Referees will decide.

1. Rimfire, Factory and AR classes will shoot at 100 yards.
2. Custom and Modified factory class will shoot at 200 yards.
3. Unlimited class will shoot at 300 yards.

For all classes, guns are to be fired from two-piece rests with sand bags utilized in conjunction with front and rear rests or a front bipod. A scale will be available to weigh your rifle.

Factory Class: Weight limit 13.5 lbs. Factory rifles are by major market manufacturers only, Remington, Coopers, Sako’s, Kimber’s, Savages, etc. Proof of mark or name on the barrel, or letter of verification of manufacturer. If there is no mark found or letter accompanying a gun, it is
Modified. Any letter must include the caliber and serial number of said gun. Triggers may be tuned or replaced by one being used by the manufacturer. Original stocks may be bedded or replaced with by another stock that is being used by the manufacturer. Barrel crowns may be recut. Any evidence of other changes not listed will place your gun in the Modified class. Any attachments to stocks are restricted to the front portion of stock and may not exceed three inches in width. No custom shop type factory rifles such as Savage 6BR, etc. these will shoot in the Modified class. MAX .30 Caliber.

Modified Factory Class: Any factory class action that has been modified. This includes re-barreling with a non-factory barrel, restocking with any flat bottom stock, rechambering, etc. Stocks not to exceed three inches in width. Max .30 Caliber.

Custom Class: Weight limit 13.5 lbs. Stocks not to exceed three inches in width. This will be your mail ordered rifle, whether you order it in parts or as a whole. Even if you bought it used. These are Kelby’s, Bats, Stiller’s, Panda’s and all others of this type. Max .30 Caliber.

Unlimited Class: Any custom gun that weighs over 13.5 lbs. Max .30 Caliber.

AR Class: Any semi-automatic AR-15/AR-10, Max .30 Caliber

Rimfire: There will be one class for .22’s and .17’s.

*Shooters can move up in a class if they so choose.

2019 Polk County Gun Club Benchrest Rules

Shooting Format:
When the range is deemed safe, shooters will be instructed to bring their firearm to the line.
1. The line will be called hot.
2. 25 minutes will be given for sighting in and score for targets 1 and 2. You must shoot the targets in numerical order.
3. The only time a rifle may be loaded is on the command “Commence Fire”.
4. When you have finished with targets 1 and 2, make your rifle safe, insert safety indicator and stand behind the yellow line.
5. When everyone has completed shooting, the RSO will instruct you to you to remove your rifle and place it in the racks provided.
6. Once all guns are removed and the line is cold, the target crew will replace Targets.
7. While the target crew is replacing targets; rests, bags and other equipment will be removed from the bench. The next relay will be allowed to BRING RESTS AND BAGS ONLY to the bench.
8. Once the target crew has returned, the second relay will be called to bring their rifle to the line.
9. Repeat format for 2nd relay.
10. For targets 3 and 4 the same format will be followed, and a 20-minute block time will be given for firing time.

Any shooter who fires after the line has been called safe will be disqualified. A shooter that needs to shoot for any reason will notify the match director or RSO to explain the reason. The RSO will determine what occurs and will make the appropriate notification to all match participants.


It is the shooters responsibility to be sure to shoot the correct target. Make sure that the number on your target is the same as your bench number. It is also the shooters responsibility to be sure that the correct caliber is noted at the top of the target.

There are six bulls on each target. There must be only one shot per bull or the lowest score will be counted. If during the sight in period you shoot a bull, notify the RSO immediately so that it can be noted.

Shooters shooting the wrong target will be considered a crossfire and penalized by the crossfire rules. To clarify this, if a target is posted on the target frame you are shooting, and it is incorrect I.E., you are shooting a .224 cal. and a .30 cal. target is posted, that is an incorrect target. SHOOTERS IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE SURE IT IS RIGHT.

Cross fires will result in a one-point deduction per record bull shot. The offense is to be reported to the RSO at the time of and before the relay is over either by the guilty party or by the person whose target is shot upon. Handled correctly and when instructed by an RSO, the guilty party may then shoot his own target and receive his penalty. The person whose target is shot upon, may shoot his target when the transgression is noted by the RSO.

If you have any questions, please contact Shelley Gudger at 864-567-2675.
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