F-Class Monthly Tournaments

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F-Class Monthly Tournaments

Postby Askari » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:12 pm

PCGC will host monthly F-Class tournaments in 2017. These will be conducted on the fourth Saturday of the month from April through October, with the first tournament scheduled for 22 April. These tournaments are NRA approved. Scores are reported to the NRA.

A PCGC F-class tournament consists of three 20-round high-power rifle matches fired at 300 yards (the 3/300 format). Competitors fire an entire match in the prone position. Participants are encouraged to shoot all three matches in the tournament, but are welcome to limit their participation to one or two (of the three) matches.

The tournament begins with a safety briefing at 9 a.m. followed by the first match shortly thereafter. Experience indicates that the third and final match will conclude at about 11 a.m.

F-Class competitors at PCGC have used a variety of different rifles, although most of the rifles on the firing line are similar to heavy varmint rifles. The competition involves two subclasses of rifles:
1). F-Open (F-O), which allows any caliber up to .32, rifles may weigh up to 22 lbs in weight and are shot off a front rest and rear bag
2). F-Target Rifle (F-TR), which is restricted to calibres .223/5.56mm and .308/7.62mm, rifles may weigh up to 17 lbs weight and are shot off a front bipod (or sling) and rear bag

In both subclasses, rifle forearms are restricted to a width of 3 inches or less.

An F-class match at PCGC consists of twenty shots for record and an unlimited number of sighter shots. (We place a shoot-N-see target for sighter shots near the record target.) Shooters are given a block time of 25 minutes to shoot their twenty rounds for record and as many sighter shots as desired. Our range is a walk-up range, so after each match competitors score and repair their targets in preparation for the next match.

The PCGC 300-yard range has 20 firing positions. This limits our matches to a total of 20 participants. To date, we have been able to accommodate everyone who wanted to participate in an F-Class match, but we have come close to full capacity. If you plan to enter this competition, and want to be sure of a place on the firing line, please contact the match director (Dan Henk at henkdan@hotmail.com) and request that he hold a place for you.

PCGC provides medals to first, second and third place aggregate winners in both subcategories (F-O and F-TR). Prizes also are given to the high single match winner in each category.

F-Class at PCGC is a fun, easy and no-stress competition. Come out and shoot with us!

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Re: F-Class Monthly Tournaments

Postby pcgc » Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:10 pm

Polk County Gun Club will Host F- Class Matches once again in 2018. Starting April 28, and going through each 4th Saturday with the final for the year being October 27. A Rimfire class is also going to be added for 2018. Places on the firing line are limited, so reserving a space is advised!!
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