F-Class Competition at PCGC

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F-Class Competition at PCGC

Postby Askari » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:52 am

Polk County Gun Club will host monthly F-Class tournaments in 2016, commencing in April and ending in November. These competitions will be held on the fourth Saturday of each month, beginning in April. Shooting will on the PCGC 300-yard walk-up range using the MR-63F target. Each tournament will consist of three matches (the 3/300 format). Competitors are encouraged to participate in all three of the matches during the tournament, but are welcome to limit their participation to one or two matches. PCGC F-Class competitions are NRA approved and scores are reported to the NRA

This is a slow-fire prone shooting event. According to the NRA rules, matches consist of twenty shots for record in a time limit of twenty minutes, not including sighting shots. The PCGC matches allow unlimited sighting shots and provide a block time of twenty five minutes to accommodate both the sighting and record shots. (The PCGC target frames for F-class competition provide an 12" Shoot-N-C target for sighting shots. The Shoot-N-C target is offset from the record target.)

Traditional F-Class competition specifies two categories of rifle: F-Class Target Rifle (FTR) and F-Class Open (FO), both of which may be used in PCGC competition. The regulations are as follows:

-- FTR is limited to calibres .223/5.56mm NATO and .308/7.62mm NATO. Rifles must be able to chamber a factory round. Weight is restricted to 18.2 lbs with all attached accessories and forend width cannot exceed 3 inches. Rifle is shot off of a front bipod or sling and a separate rear rest (typically a sand bag).

-- FO can include any caliber of bore size up to (and including) .35. Weight is restricted to 22 lbs with all attached accessories and forend width cannot exceed 3 inches. Rifle is shot off of a front rest and a rear rest (that cannot be attached). Many FO competitors choose a very accurate 6mm or 6.5mm calibre cartridge for this category.

F-Class competition may be fired with open or telescopic sights. There are no limits on telescopes and there is no separate category for open sight rifles. Competitors using iron sights may be at a considerable disadvantage. Experienced F-Class competitors typically have adjustable scopes of about 12X to 45X. But for 300 yard competition, any good quality scope of 12X or higher probably would be competitive.

Polk County Gun Club offers trophies in each monthly tournament for first, second and third place aggregate FTR winners and first, second and third place aggregate FO winners. There is also a trophy for the highest single match score in both F-Class categories.

Regrettably, the PCGC can accommodate a maximum of only twenty competitors on the firing line at any one time, and the range is a "walk-up" range. For these reasons, F-class tournaments currently are limited to a maximum 20 competitors - on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. Prospective competitors are encouraged to contact the Match Director in advance of the tournament to assure a place on firing line.

On-site registration will commence at 0700 hours on the day of the tournament. The safety briefing will commence at 0800 hours and the first shot downrange should occur at about 0810. The second match should commence at about 0915 and the third match should commence at about 1030. The entire tournament will be completed prior to noon.

This is a fun, no-stress match and a great opportunity to check out your favourite groundhog rifle. Hope to see you on the firing line!

For additional information (or to pre-register), please contact Dan Henk, F-Class match director at: henkdan@hotmail.com

Please click here to get Google Maps directions to the club.
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