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Re: NRA High Power Rifle Matches

Postby Sam Summey » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:43 pm

September 15,2018, in spite of the approaching hurricane Polk County Gun Club held the final NRA XTC match of 2018. 6 hearty souls competed with one really hearty lady from our bench rest venue who agreed to "call the match" and act as the match director. The competitors braved a 19 mph wind that seemed almost constant except sudden nulls. The wind was about 22 degrees off of the axis of the range but did a job buffeting the competitors. The high score for the day was 750/800 which, with the conditions, was a really good performance. Rain hit us, backed by the wind, during the last 30 minutes. We completed the match with the 300/600 slow fire prone in the rain. True to form the rain stopped right at the end of the 20 minute period. We actually had 5 complete the course of fire, Jim Laietta had to withdraw due to rain induced equipment failure.
Myself and Jim Laietta (co-chairman High Power Rifle Committee) would like to thank Shelly Gudger who called the match, this is her first introduction of Across the Course High Power Rifle competition. She did an excellent job calling the match.
The "race" for season aggregate awards, as you will see, was narrowed to 6 competitors who shot 3 or more matches.
I will get the awards made for presentation at a later date.
HP091518 Match Report.pdf
pdf fprmat
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HP091518 Match Report.xls
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2018 NRA HPR Aggregate
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Re: NRA High Power Rifle Matches 2019

Postby Sam Summey » Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:29 am

Polk County Gun Club 2019 High Power Rifle Schedule

The Polk County Gun Club (NRA #B0380) will be holding approved high power matches on the following dates: April 20, May 18, June 15, August 17, September, 21.

We have a 300 yard range with 20 firing points.

Competition is open to everyone. Entry fee is $20.00 which includes the NRA fee.
All NRA high power rules will apply. National Match Course of Fire

You can register by mail:

Polk County Gun Club Inc.
c/o Sam Summey
103 Gordon Drive
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Send your entry fee by check or money order. Please note on envelope attention High Power Registration. You can also register up to 9:00 AM on the day of the match.

There will be a 10 minute sighting in period beginning at 9:00 AM with the match following afterwards.
The course of fire will be as follows:
20 rounds standing slow fire at 200 yards 20 minutes
20 rounds rapid fire sitting/kneeling at 200 yards in 60 seconds per 10 round string
20 rounds rapid fire prone at 300 yards in 70 seconds per 10 round string
20 rounds slow fire prone at 300 yards using reduced targets for 600 yards in 20 minutes.

(From the North and West) Interstate I-26 E to Exit 1 in South Carolina (Hwy 14)
Turn NE (left), 3.5 miles to Little Mountain Rd, turn left (NW) 0.8 miles
Polk County Gun Club is on the right (look for red flag, red sign and red gate).

(From the East) US74 W to Exit 167 (Hwy 9) turn left (SE) 3.2 miles to Hwy 14 (Landrum Rd.) turn right (SW) 2.4 miles to Little Mountain Road turn right (NW) 0.8 miles PCGC is on your right (look for red flag, red sign and red gate).
For information contact Sam Summey 828-606-3080 or by email
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Re: NRA High Power Rifle Matches

Postby Sam Summey » Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:09 pm

On Saturday April 20, 2019 Polk County Gun Club held their first NRA Sanctioned across the course high power rifle match. We had 10 competitors who braved inclement weather and a deficit of participants due to this being Easter Weekend. Several of our regulars had spouses who were in very ill health were also absent. We pray that those ill persons have speedy recoveries. PCGC will be running an aggrate competition of the three best scores through out the season as we did last year. We will award three medals for each of the three top finishers for each NRA classification. In addition, to hopefully increase attendance, we are adding a non-NRA category of stock as issued AR and M4 and will make awards to the top finisher of each class in this category.

Here is the results from the April match.
HP Match Report 042019.xls
Match Report April 20 2019
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HP Match Report 042019.pdf
Match Report April 20 2019
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2019 Aggegate
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Re: NRA High Power Rifle Matches

Postby Sam Summey » Mon Jun 03, 2019 5:08 pm

On May 18, 2019 PCGC held the second High Power XTC Service Rifle Match of the summer tournament.
I apologize for being tardy in reporting the May scores. Jim Laietta and I have been working diligently to get the Silver Mountain Electronic Scoring system equipment together. The biggest effort so far is building the uniform size target frames and getting the plastic hardware mounted to them accurately. We intend to put some more effort on Friday to get this completed.

I want to thank the 11 competitors who came to PCGC to participate in match. We hope you can find the time to compete with us in the June match, We will not hold a July match due to interference with the National Matches at Camp Perry and Camp Atterbury but we will resume the summer tournament in August. Posted with May's results is a tabulation of the scores for the Summer Aggregate (best three out of five matches).
HP Match Report 052019.xls
May Xcel format
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HP Match Report 052019.pdf
May pdf format
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2019 Aggregate Results
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Re: NRA High Power Rifle Matches

Postby Sam Summey » Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:02 pm

Saturday June 15,2019 PCGC held our monthly XTC (Across the Course) Service rifle match.
It was a beautiful day weather in the mid to high 80s with a slight wind blowing.
We had 16 competitors, Dwayne Lewis brought some new comers from Camp Valor organization, Chris Blankenship came up from the coast, and Travis McCoy was a first timer at PCGC. Welcome gentlemen we are glad to have you. Many of our university students we able to attend too. 5 of our competitors shot scores above their classifications, my congratulations to all in your progress to the next classification level.
PCGC is getting closer and closer to getting to the point that we can use the new Silver Mountain electronic scoring system that we recently purchased with NRA Foundation Grant. It is our fondest hope that the system will be up and running by the match in August, the only stumbling block is the match directors learning to operate the system smoothly. We plan to spend July in practice matches. Thomas McManus has graciously volunteered to be a guinea pig and be a test competitor.
Below is the results of Saturday's match.
HP Match Report 062019.pdf
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HP Match Report 062019.xls
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2019 Summer Tournament Aggregate Results
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