Registered Trap Shoot - The Tradition Returns

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Registered Trap Shoot - The Tradition Returns

Postby Missed Again » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:36 pm

After a several decade layoff Polk County Gun Club is prepared to revive an old tradition, holding registered ATA trap shoots. Many of you remember when Randall Arthur held regular monthly trap shoots, generally on the third weekend of the month. These shoots were well received and thought of. The new club management has decided to reach back in time to the past and return to this honored tradition. For you shooters of the past you will find the old trailer is gone and in its place stands a new clubhouse and parking lot along with covered sheds for shooters in waiting. For those having never been to PCGC we have two fields with PAT traps and a Green Pine tree background. Our web page – – has some pictures, directions and contact information.

Our first shoot will be the Saturday before Halloween, 29 October. Should this shoot be successful, i.e. meeting the expectations of shooters first then PCGC second, others will be scheduled in coming months. We will offer the typical small club one day shoot of 100 targets in each Singles, Handicap and Doubles events. Shooters will basically be shooting for Honors only, these are not money shoots, but we do have plans for rewarding the winners of each event in some way. Because many involved are inexperienced in managing shoots and we only have two fields we are limiting this inaugural event to 50 shooters. We would appreciate you contacting us by email, address below, if you wish to come shoot the 29th. Please consider joining us as we honor Randall and revive an old tradition.

The Tradition Returns ATA Registered Trap Shoot At Polk County Gun Club

Saturday 29 October
Limited to 50 Shooters - Advance Registration Requested
Onsite Registration Begins 8:30
Start Time 9:30 AM: Daily Fee: $3.00 ATA and $3.00 NCTA

Event I
100 16 Yard Targets $25.00
Four Classes – A,B,C,D

Event II
100 Handicap Targets $25.00
Three Yardage Groups 18-21.5 / 22-24.5 / 25-27

Event III
100 Doubles Targets $25.00
Four Classes – A,B,C,D

Trophies will be awarded for highest score in each event.

Lunch is available for purchase

Cash or Checks only - No Credit Cards - NO ALCOHOL!

For More Information Visit

For Advance Registration contact:

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