Pistol range rule change August 1st.

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Pistol range rule change August 1st.

Postby CALNNC » Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:12 am

By now, all members should have received the pistol range rule change letter and drawing. This becomes effective on August 1st for all members that have pistol range authorization. The purpose of the mail out was to advise you of pending changes, provide me with proof you received this letter by sending back the bottom part of it filled out and signed, and the design of the approved target frame you will need to construct. There is a bit of confusion about the short target frame. If you build this one, you will need to provide the sticks that fit in the open ends of the PVC that stick upright for you to attach your target backer to. The letter also advises you, that you will need to read the entire Pistol Range RSO and rules that are now at the clubhouse. You can either mail me the bottom half of that letter, keeping the top half for your records and to build a frame from, or you can take it to the club, put it in the slot in top of the wooden box, then read the complete RSO and sign off on the supplied pages. This is being done this way for two reasons, one, to not have to do what we did several years ago when the Pistol RSO program was started separate from the rest of the shooting disciplines, where you received a new ID card, and two, to avoid expensive copy and mailing charges to send almost 300 copies of the document to all members.

If you log into this website, you can access the Business section, and under the heading about the new Pistol RSO, you can find downloads for the complete RSO in .pdf and .doc formats. Both of these are the up to date and current rules, even though the .pdf one says "Draft" on the front. The last document is an affidavit, print this, fill it out, it must be signed, not have you name typed in the signature line, scan it and then email it back to me. This is for the members that wish to do it by email and for those who do not make it to the club but now and then, eliminating your need to go to the club, read the RSO, and sign off at the club. You have to either complete this online, or go to the club and complete it there, you do not have to do both.

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Re: Pistol range rule change August 1st.

Postby Sporty » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:54 am

The pistol range documents have been moved to http://www.polkcountygunclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=145 for all club members to access even when they do not have registered accounts in this forum.
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