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All About Skeet

Postby Missed Again » Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:51 am

Skeet shooting is the most popular venue at PCGC. A goodly contingent can usually be found any day of the week using the two Skeet fields the club has. As well as casual recreational shooting the club has several registered shoots each year. Check below for details.

Visitors are welcome to come join these skeet shooters from 12:30 p.m. until dark on Tuesday afternoons and Saturdays from 10:00 AM until whenever. Come on out and get a tour of the club. Coaching is available for those new to the sport.

Fees per round are:
$4.00 for non-members.
$3.00 for members.
$2.75 for members with shot cards.

2018 Registered Skeet Shoots at Polk County Gun Club, Columbus NC
Doubles are shot on the first date, Fridays, Singles on the second, Saturdays.

11 & 12 May - Hungry Jack Open - 20-28 Gage

1 & 2 June - Polk Open - 28 Gage-.410

13 & 14 July - Chili Peppers Open - 12 Gage - .410

17 & 18 August –Western Carolinas Open - 20-28 Gage

19 & 20 October – Fall Colors Open - 12 Gage - .410

Register 8:00--8:30 A.M. Squads starting 9:00 A.M

$30.00 per Hundred. To reserve your spot in advance contact:
Chris Bates - or 828-506-8683
All shooters must ne National Skeet Shooting Association members.

Contact Missed Again at for more information.
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