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All About Polk County Gun Club

Postby pcgc » Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:40 pm

Polk County Gun Club is an incorporated non-profit private club. Membership is granted by unanimous approval of the Board of Directors.

All members are required to complete a Range Safety Officers (RSO) course before being allowed the unsupervised use of any of the PCGC ranges. After completing the RSO course, the member will be given the combination to the gate lock. The member may use the ranges at their convenience. Spouses, children and guests must always be accompanied by the cardholding member. No firing will be allowed on any of the ranges on Wednesday and Sunday before 12:00 Noon. On all other days the ranges are open for member use from daylight until dark.

Polk County Gun Club memberships are family memberships, allowing the applicant, spouse, children (up to age 19, or up to age 26 if they are students or military), and grandchildren to use the facilities. It is the responsibility of the member to supervise family members when using the range facilities.

Polk County Gun Club is a 100% National Rifle Association club, all members of the Polk County Gun Club are required to maintain active membership in the NRA during their membership in the PCGC. The PCGC is affiliated with the National Skeet Shooting Assn., the American Trap Shooting Assn., Civilian Marksmanship Program and the NC Rifle and Pistol Assn.

Polk County Gun Club supports an active Junior program, with marksmanship and safety training, and Junior High-Power Rifle team.

Polk County Gun Club is located on approximately 90 acres of land adjacent to Little Mountain Road (SR 1522), approximately 4 miles south of Columbus, NC. At the present time the following ranges are open for use by members: 2 Combination Skeet/Trap ranges, a 300 yard rifle range and a 50 yard .22 rimfire rifle and a 25 yard pistol range.

The Club activities include NSSA-registered skeet shoots, ATA-registered trap shoots, CMP High-Power, and various NRA High-Power and rimfire competitions.

Please check our calendar for current events.

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Re: All About Polk County Gun Club

Postby DeadEye637 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:32 pm

Can someone please advise how to ensure the trap shoot for Aug 12 is added to the club calendar and website?

The delay is having this reflected shows poorly on the club. The ATA, local gun shops and local trap ranges have been advertising our event. Shooters coming to our website for information are turned away where there is zero mention or information wrt the event. Several emails (probably to the wrong people) have requested the event be posted, yet no action or response has been forthcoming.

If help is needed to update the website/calendar please let me know and I will help. Doing nothing is a really poor choice.

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