Obtaining Membership in the Polk County Gun Club

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Obtaining Membership in the Polk County Gun Club

Postby kevinb » Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:30 am

How do I apply to become a member in Polk County Gun Club? The number of memberships is limited, so there is usually a waiting list. Applications are not generally given to the public. To apply you need two SPONSORS. A sponsor is defined as a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING who is willing to submit a prospect as a person that would fit in in the club and be an asset to the club. The sponsor must also be willing to "shepherd" the prospect through the application process.

One of an applicant's two sponsors will contact the membership chairman for an application. At this point all the club needs is the prospect's name, address, email, and NRA membership number. The prospect then completely fills out the application and signs the releases attached to it, and the sponsor returns it to the membership chairman along with the prospect's check for the initiation fee. This is currently $150.00, $50.00 of which is not refundable. If an opening is available or will be available soon, the membership chairman uses the $50.00 non-refundable portion of the initiation fee to run a third party background check, which opens the application process. If it looks like it might be a while before an opening comes available, generally the prospect's check will be returned, and they will be notified to resubmit when an opening comes available.

Upon return of an acceptable background report, the prospect will be asked to attend an interview meeting with a committee of the Board of Directors. These are very informal "get to know you" type meetings, usually with no more than 5 prospects at a time. After this meeting, the directors present hold a private vote on whether to recommend an offer of membership to each prospect.

Those prospects to whom membership is offered will be asked to come to a regular Board of Directors meeting, where it takes a unanimous vote of Directors present to confer membership. Those prospects accepted at that time pay their $160 prorated dues for the remaining membership year which begins in March and are given the material to complete the RSO course, the pistol course, (if desired) and all credential and hold harmless forms. Once these are completed, the prospect has achieved membership and has use of the club facilities, within the rules. A new member cannot vote in club elections until they have 3 years as a member in good standing.

The most frequently asked question is "If I don't know anyone in the club, How can I get two sponsors?" Remember, all scheduled shoots (Highpower Rifle, Tuesday afternoon skeet) etc. are open to the public. Come on out and shoot- If Polk County is the club you're looking for, you will find friends ( sponsors) come easier than you think.

Applying for PCGC membership

Postby CALNNC » Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:42 am

I have getting requests from folks wanting to join PCGC and asking for an application. PCGC policy is that you must have 2 sponsors to be willing to put their name on the application and one of these two will request the application from me to fill out with you. Applications are tracked so that nobody makes copies and spreads them around. We want those interested in PCGC to come out and participate in the many events that we offer, get to know folks, and gain sponsors. Check the calendar for events that might interest you, normally any event you have to pay a registration fee is considered open to all, and remember that Tuesdays, skeet is open to all at $4 a round, and Saturdays trap and skeet are also open to non-members also at $4 a round.

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Re: Obtaining Membership in the Polk County Gun Club

Postby hog hunter » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:01 pm

Just to update the post on joining the club- The post refers to $160 annual dues being prorated, but in 2016 the membership voted to increase dues to $200/ year.
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